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          Identification of Plants in Plant Genetic Conservation Project Using a DNA Fingerprinting Technique (AFLP)


            Nucleic acids are important constituents of all living cells. There are two types of nucleic acid in living organisms: deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and ribonucleic acid (RNA) . Genes are stored within organism as DNA and when the gene is active it will be translated into RNA and finally protein.
            DNA  can be used to determine genetic markers with molecular marker technologies.

      Molecular markers avoid many of the complication of environmental effects acting upon characters by looking directly at variation controlled by genes or DNA.
           New technological developments have expanded the range of DNA polymorphism assays for genetic mapping.  This has allowed mapping to assist with plant breeding, genome fingerprinting and for investigating genetic relatedness.

  • RFLP  ( Restriction Fragment Length Ploymorphism )

  • RAPD ( Random-amplified Polymorphic DNA )

  • AFLP ( Amplified Fragment Length Ploymorphism )

  • SSR ( Simple Seguence Repeat, Microsatellite )

  • To describe the applications of molecular marker technologies for plant identification

  • To reveal the differences between plants at the genetic level

  • To use mapping for plant improvement
    - Detect somaclonal variation in the case of in vitro  micropropagation
    -  As certain the linkage between DNA markers and special characters of plant species, such as disease resistance and insect resistance.
    -  To help in the classical methods of estimating the genetic diversity, using a powerful and rapid method to screen and select germplasm within breeding programmes
    -  To collect DNA fingerprint data for legal and patent protection


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