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          Micropropagation of plant material is commonly used for :

  • Rapid, large-scale, year round production of desired horticultural varieties (e.g. many of  popular miniature rose varieties are produced this way).

  • Porduction of plant  species that are difficult to grow from seeds.

  • Production of genetically uniform plant  material (clones).

  • Development of plant culture systems that are amenable to genetic transformation, e.g. to introduce disease resistance, production of disease-free plant material (e.g. potato microtubers)

    Plant tissue culture media ingredients

  • Micro-elements : Fe, Mn, Co, Mo, B, Ni, Cl and Al

  • Macro-elements : Mg, p, S, N and K

  • Vitamins (B1, nicotinic acid, pyridoxine-HCI etc.)

  • Plant growth regulators (auxins, cytokinins, etc.)

  • Carbon source (sucrose)

  • Organic nitrogen (glycin, asparagine, etc.)

  • Agar (for solid media)

            Three are 3 main rooms :

Media preparation rooom Subculture transfer room Incubation room

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